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    computer information systems degree programs

   business information systems

Many companies need a computer technician who can provide a variety of development and support; an individual who works with applications, web development, A+ maintenance and data handling.   [view catalog]

   information systems [transfer]

Students develop a firm liberal arts foundation as well as a base foundation in programming, database development and accounting while providing the flexibility needed so the student can tailor the program to match the requirements of the transfer institution.   [view catalog]

   web developer

Students will learn the creative, programming, database and technical skills necessary for developing a website that handles both static and interactive web.   [view catalog]

   computer forensics

Computer forensics experts use investigation and analysis to gather evidence from specified computers that can be used in a variety of legal situations.   [view catalog]

   computer programming

Without programmers, computers accomplish nothing. Computers need the programmer who writes, tests and maintains the software that make things happen.   [view catalog]

   computer networking

Communication in a complex computing environment is critical to performance. Students work in a diverse networking environment and effectively develop, install, configure, administer and troubleshoot to develop their skills.   [view catalog]

   computer science [transfer]

Computer Scientists are the innovators that expand the limits of current technology and change the definition of what can be computed. They design and develop and solve problems, that are increasingly more complex as they push the limits of what is possible.   [view catalog]

   multimedia + internet

To work in multimedia you need to acquire the technical expertise to create and develop professional documents, presentations, websites, and rich interactive media, as well as work in business creativity and marketing.   [view catalog]

   computer security

In todays world, securing computers from outside invasion is critical to companies and governments. Developing a secure environment is an ongoing issue for specialists in this field.   [view catalog]

   game development, creation + programming

To work in the computer game industry you need a love of games, an understanding of what makes a game work, strong creativity and the serious computer skills that let you work with a team to bring the game into reality.
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